Monday, June 21, 2010

CVS Tally for today...

I did not do as well as I hoped... for several reasons:

They were out of the Gillette Razor (grrrr....)
I can't find my Pantene coupons (grrrr....)
I don't have Hawaiian Tropic coupons...

Anyway. I hit CVS to pick up kid's prescriptions (Sydney has Strep throat!) and see what deals I could do this week. Here's what I got:

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid $1
Glade Air Freshener $1
Colgate Total Advanced $2.99
Dial Soap $2
CVS Ibuprofen Caplets $3.99
CVS Ibuprofen Liquid (for the sick girl) $4.49

-$.25 Dawn Coupn
-$1.00 Colgate Coupon
-$8.00 CVS ECB (from last week)
-$5.00 CVS ECB (from last week)

Total Paid = $1.27
Received: $2 ECB (from Colgate)
$3 ECB (from Ibuprofen)

I am going to try to go to another CVS yesterday and find that blasted razor and I need to find my pantene coupons. UGH!


  1. Even though I could walk to our CVS, I rarely go there anymore. Last summer I ended up spending so much there, even with the bucks, that I just quit it. I never can seem to do well there.

    I did go yesterday because I had scrips to fill and got the Hawaiian Tropic....9.99 each with 3 dollars in coupons and got 10 bucks that I'll spend on wintergreen lifesavers when I need them.

  2. Good start. The key is to ROLL the ECBs. I limit myself to $10 a week out of pocket and try to get AT LEAST what I had in ECBs back. I figure $10 a week is a good investment to build the stockpile back.