Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the countdown...

So close, but so far away! Wohoo... we leave for Disney in 93 days. The kids are getting excited, I am past excited and I need to get planning!

We'll be there soon Mickey!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Coby TF-DVD7750... what a piece of junk.

I'm a stickler for car seats... and seatbelts. Probably because I was saved by my seatbelt in an accident in 1989. I remember the days of crawling all over the car while we went down the road. I absolutely don't allow this. So the question is, how do you entertain your children and keep them still on the 3.5 hour trip to the Grandparent's or even better the 16 hour trip to Disney World. A DVD player- how else?

My parents bought us one for Christmas several years back and we had very few problems with it... until Caleb left it hanging by the cord outside the car door in June of 2008 (I didn't realize it) and I drove off and lost it somewhere between Carthage and Center. Ooooops.

We were heading to the Grandparent's for the 4th of July- so I bought a new one from Walmart- couldn't find the one we had previously so I got a Coby TF-DVD7750. Worked great for about 3 months when the cord went bad- it has one unit that plays the DVD and the 2nd screen is a "slave", attached by a 3 part cord- the video portion of the cord quit working. I called the company and sent them $12 to get a new cord. All is well in DVD land again right? Fast forward to July 2009, one year and one week after buying the unit- the kids and I are headed to my parent's house to see my sister and her family, we are 30 minutes out of Carthage and the stupid thing just stops working. I pull over take the DVD out, reload and then I get the message "wrong disk". Hasn't worked since. I looked it up on the internet- this thing is JUNK. I have read ONE good review and oh, 50 bad ones. We used this stupid thing a total of 10 times maybe and it is a PAPERWEIGHT. Junk pure Junk!!! Customer service? What do they say? "Clean it with a DVD cleaner and canned air." Did that. 10 or 15 times. Doesn't work. Oh, and they were rude on top of that.

So now, we are again in the market for a portable DVD player. I will be doing my research this time.

I will NEVER buy another COBY product. I recommend you don't either.