Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Camping with the DZ's.

What a great weekend!

Phil, the kids, and I arrived at Brushy Creek Park on Lake O'the Pines about 4pm on Friday afternoon... two stop and one flat tire later. But that is another story. We hauled the travel trailor and boat up for our weekend adventure. DZ sisters Janet and Jennifer and their families were to join us later that evening.

First Jennifer, seems there was some in-law/family confusion so they were not going to be able to camp with us. Jennifer and her handsome little boys visited on Friday evening and the whole family came out Saturday morning for a visit. It has been TOO long since I've seen Jen... shame on us- she only lives 45 minutes away!

Then, Janet- step-daughter Carly was sent to the nurse's office on the last day of school with a strange rash, what was suspected to be Fifth's disease. So her Mom took her to urgent care. After a long wait, the doctor said she should not be camping so she had to miss the trip. Janet and husband Byron arrived around 10:15pm with the older daughter, Katie.

Saturday morning it was time for some good 'ole lake fun! Sydney was in the lake before 9am! The kids (and adults) had a great day swimming, bike riding, and tubing. Katie got a little too much sun(burn) and was asleep by 9pm. I had to leave camp at 7:30pm to take Sydney to her dance recital in Marshall. She danced beautifully, but boy are we glad that is over! After returning we had a bowl of homemade ice cream (with sprinkles!) and hit the sack by midnight!

Sunday morning Sydney was in the lake again! We got up, ate breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful morning before beginning the packing up process.

We will definitely have to do the DZ campout again... wonder what other DZs we can get to come along??

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