Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turning over a new leaf...

I will blog more often.

I will. I will.

I will try. That's the best I can do.

So much has happened. 4th and 1st grades are officially underway! How did my babies get so big? Sydney is quite the little cheerleader- competitive cheer (a flyer- gasp!) for the Gym-Fit Spirit Youth All-Star squad in Marshall AND cheering on her beloved 3/4 and 5/6 Red Carthage Dawgs on Saturdays. Eat, sleep, cheer. It is her life! Caleb is a Weebelo Scout now... so big and I am so proud. This year Daddy has taken over the Cub Scouting responsibilities (while I'm running Syd to cheer). I think it is a good thing. They need their "boy" time and I can't teach Caleb to be a man. Phil has taken the reigns and I think it will be good for both of them.

School is going well for both kids. Sydney's biggest challenge is not talking. I'm not sure where she would get such a thing. I don't know anyone in our family who talks all the time??? She is doing great in her reading and math and really loves school. Such the social butterfly.

Caleb is a bit more complicated- new school this year- Baker-Koonce Intermediate. He loves it, but we are having some afternoon challenges with overstimulation and such. We are working with the doctor, teachers and OT figure some things out. We definitely have a plan and we hope within the next few weeks things will continue to improve. Progress reports were very good, we just need to continue to make things the best we can for him. I can say that the principal, counselors, and teachers at Baker-Koonce Intermediate ROCK. They are so on board with Caleb and doing what is BEST for him, not necessarily what is easiest for them. After banging my head against a proverbial Libby Elementary wall for the past 2 years this is such a breath of fresh air! Our first ARD at BK was last Friday and I was in awe of all these wonderful people and their genuine caring for my son and his well-being! I did my best to hold it together during the meeting, but I cried tears of joy afterward. He is going to be ok here. He is really going to be ok. Thank you God!

As we make changes for Caleb over the next few weeks (We have a detailed plan!) I will blog about them here. I think this is a new beginning for him and I am beyond excited.

First day of school:

(No, he wasn't happy about pictures!)

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